The Region

Le Lac d'Estaing (Estaing Lake)

Estaing lake is accessible by road from Argelès-Gazost: take the D 918 and the D 103 at Arras-en-Lavedan towards Estaing, then proceed to the lake.

Altitude : 1160m. Accessible by car all year long.

Lac d'estaing'

Parc Animalier des Pyrénées (The Pyrenean Wildlife Park)

Ours parc annimalier

Situated at the heart of the bears' territory, this park shelters local annimals in vast areas. Bears, wolves, izards, beavers, mouflons, ibex, otters, squirrels, live there in semi-free range.

Since 1999, when it was founded, le Parc Animalier des Pyrénées has always intended to form the richest collection of annimals. Its choices have been motivated by a new park formula that gives the opportunity to share annimals private life while preserving their natural instincts. This purpose has remained through the years though the park was growing. Today, dozens of species share a territory of several acres on the slope of the hills that overhang Argelès-Gazost.

Le Donjon des Aigles (Eagles' Donjon)

The castle of Beaucens, shelters one of the richest collection of birds of prey : Kites, Vultures, Eagles, Sea Eagles, Falcons et Buzzards and Parrots. Discover a wonderful and emotional show with music and the castle as background. Openned from April to September. Reachable on foot from the campsite.

Chateau de Beaucens'

Chlorofil Park

Treetop advenure course situated in Argeles-Gazost in a 6 acres splendid forest. More than 200 activities are available and the easiest courses are opened to 4 y.o. children. Opened from March to November.


Lac d'Isaby

Hautacam is a privileged place to discover mountain all year long.

Hautacam is both a winter sports resort and the best place to delight in mountain during summer. It offers various activities such as a roller-coaster, hiking, mountain bike, paragliding, and is a great place to rest and contemplate the landscape.

Hautacam, is an easy and accessible mountain you can gently discover in the wonderful Pyrenean landscape.

And also...

Le lac des gaves (Gaves' Lake), la Brêche de Rolland (Rolland's Breach), Gavarnie, and all the great passes (Soulor, Aubisque Tourmalet...)



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